2012 Annual Report

A Growing IEEE

The IEEE community–the members and customers we serve–continues to grow and become more diverse. For well over a century, engineers and other technical professionals have been at the forefront of advances in quality-of-life and economic prosperity. Members of our profession introduced the world to electricity and invented applications that made life easier, safer, and more pleasant. We developed new communications technologies—telephone, radio, television, cellular communications, and the Internet. We made transportation faster and safer. The computers we developed process vast amounts of information and add intelligence to inanimate objects and systems. Modern medicine depends on electronic, mechanical, and computer devices. In the words of Theodore von Kármán, a famous 20th century aerospace engineer, our profession created “the world that never was.”
Our job at IEEE is to ensure that today’s technology professionals have the information they need to continue their record of achievements. We are helping them invent and develop new technologies, technologies foreseeable and as yet unforeseeable, technologies that will change the 21st century as much as earlier technologies changed the 20th century.

Map of China


IEEE Membership Reaches New High, Continues to Expand Globally

IEEE membership reached an all-time high in 2012 at more than 429,000 members, a 3.1 percent increase over 2011. IEEE now has members in 190 countries, and the percentage of our members living outside of the United States–currently 52 percent–is growing. This reflects a growing strategic emphasis on investments in technology in many countries.

Our largest membership gains continue to come from Asia and the Pacific Rim. Over the past decade, membership in China has grown 330 percent, in India 90 percent, and in Southeast Asia 32 percent.

Today’s students, tomorrow’s professionals, represent the future of our profession and of IEEE. In 2012, IEEE student membership grew by 7.8 percent to over 116,000.

Expanding Access to IEEE Information Resources

IEEE content continued to drive innovation around the globe in 2012. Many of the world’s largest and most prestigious organizations became subscribers to the IEEE Electronic Library, IEEE’s most comprehensive collection of high-quality content. New customers included more than 130 universities in China.